About Us

Mary Maas and Dave Sorenson founded Transitional Conferencing, a non-profit organization, in 1998.  While completing a group internship class at Metropolitan State University and working together as volunteers in the Victim Offender Mediation Program at Washington County, they identified a need for a program that helps prepare people in prison for reintegration into community and family life.


Transitional Conferencing is primarily managed by Mary Maas.  She has a background in conflict resolution and mediation.  In addition, Mary completed Victims of Severe Violence Meet the Offender, from Dr. Mark Umbreit of the Center for Restorative Justice & Mediation at the University of Minnesota.

Mary has been trained in mediation at the Washington County Court Services under Carolyn McLeod and she has facilitated victim offender conferences as a volunteer with Washington County.  Ms. Maas has a Master’s degree from the University of Oregon, with undergraduate studies in community violence prevention from Metropolitan State University.  She is trained in the restorative justice practice of circle keeping and currently she is working part time with Transitional Conferencing.


Mary Maas.  Board Member.  Transitional Conferencing Manager. 651-774-8709; 
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Sharon Rice-Vaughan, PhD – Treasurer.  Metropolitan State University, Community Violence
Prevention Program., College of Professional Studies, 651-793-1350; 
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The mission of Transitional Conferencing is to assist incarcerated men and women and their families in their ability to communicate effectively as they plan for and experience transition back into family life and the community.

This is accomplished by: